How to make an effective and profitable advertisement in Facebook

Facebook is the largest medium to promote online business. Approximately, 20 million people in Bangladesh use Facebook. Facebook in recent times, is playing a significant role in delivering new products and information. It is a very quick and easy way to make a promotion.

Businesses, irrespective of their size, are choosing Facebook as a platform. Any business related information could be delivered to the targeted customer in numerous ways at a low expense. For example: If you want to channel your ad at a specific area, meant only for people of a particular age, that is also possible. Not only that, the target could be even more accurate. For instance,  You are looking someone who is an iPhone user (that's how precise the target could be!) A sensible conception would likely lead to a profitable advertisement campaign. However, if you want to extract a profitable outcome from it, you have to be produce professional advertisement.

Some important features of producing an effective Facebook ad are given below:


1. Know the campaign target:

Whenever you're about to launch an AD, you must determine the purpose of you AD campaign first. By purpose, you get to decide the reason behind your AD. Simply ask yourself, 'Do I want to launch a commercial for your Facebook page?'. 'Am I doing it to introduce my brand or  just to increase my likes?' and so forth.

How to make an effective and profitable advertisement in Facebook


2. Know Your Market:

If you get to know your market well enough, you could run a well-oiled AD campaign. To successfully  execute your planning you need to exquisite attention to the followings:

  • Consumer/ Viewer/ Buyer/ Customer's age
  • Consumer's sex/gender
  • Consumer's residence/ hometown/ current city
  • Consumer's relationship status
  • Likes & Dislikes
  • Their Facebooking traits
  • How would they be interested in your product/AD
How to make an effective and profitable advertisement in Facebook
How to make an effective and profitable advertisement in Facebook

A thorough knowledge of thee  would surely increase your success rate. Usually, most campaigners don't pay attention to these and thus, leave with unsatisfied outcome.


3. Headline:

A genuine AD requires an engaging headline. This headline would draw the consumer's attention. It should be based on one specific topic, giving ample ideas about the product.  But, it should not exceed 25 letters. In headlines; you could write about:

  • What market demands
  • Solution to a problem
  • Question to acquire opinion
  • You can as well include special words such as: Free, Proven, Shortcut, Confidential and so on.
  • You can try adding numbers to your headline too! for instance: 'Top 10 Ways to Stay Healthy'
How to make an effective and profitable advertisement in Facebook
How to make an effective and profitable advertisement in Facebook


4. Content:

Content is a very important part of an AD campaign. so, you must pay attention when writing content for it. Everybody tends to read the content, viewing the AD graphic first. Because your readers becomed informed what the AD is all about after reading the content. We need to focus on the following points when writing the content:

  • What do you offer?
  • Does the AD content matches with your product or service?
  • Why will the customers click on your AD?
  • Have you created a "call-to-action" button to lure the customers to click on your AD?


5. Photo:

Photos much depend on the success of a Facebook ad. If you add an attractive image which is easily seen and tempted the customers to click on it, then you'll get more clicks at a lower cost and it will help a lot to sell your product.

The points to consider when selecting an image for your advertisement, are:

  • Does the photo draw your attention?
  • Is the photo informative?
  • The film really shows your offer?
  • Does your AD design give emphasis on the special price that you offer?

Remember, if you write more than 20% in the design, you won't get good response.

Facebook AD is an investment. So, you must have ideas where and how you invest in. Thus, you will get your invested money back. You must consider these things before you create a Facebook AD. That is the way to create an effective Facebook AD and will be beneficial for you.

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