How to use Wordpress custom logo Api with code example

WordPress is gradually taking the theme customization system into core system. So, WordPress is coming with new API after regular interval, such as, Site background, favicon, etc.

Custom logo API has been released in version 4.5. So, we do not have to create new logo customization options during theme development. With this new API, we can easily create logo change options.

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Move WordPress Site from Localhost to Live Server: Step-by-step Tutorial with Screenshots

As developers, we usually choose WordPress to design websites in our PC first. We generally install a local server (popular known as localhost) using Xampp (for Windows OS), Mamp (for Apple OS). Yet, most of us are unaware of the proper way to bring it to live server later on.

Even knowing is not enough, make it look identical and many features seem to be missing in the process. So, today I’m gonna give you a complete tutorial about moving a WordPress site from local server to live server.

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10 Important WordPress Plugins and Tools for SEO to Rank Your WordPress Website Even Better

Most of the websites are currently being made with the popular Content Management System (CMS), WordPress. To survive in the competition on the Internet, your website needs the right and the best Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

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