How to Increase the Views of YouTube Videos in Organic Ways

YouTube is the name of a popular Social Media in online world. It is so popular that now its user is almost billions. YouTube is no longer a medium just for watching movies or listening to music. Here are a lot of things to learn about tutorials and to know about any new product or service.

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How does Facebook get the whereabouts of our visited websites?

You may have noticed this. You have recently visited Amazon or any other online market-based website and gone to a product page and taken a look at it. Then you open your Facebook and saw that the same product ad shines in front of your eyes.

"Oh God! Facebook steals all my information!"

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Increase Twitter Engagement: 11 Easy How-Tos

Twitter is an important social media for online marketing and its popularity is increasing. So it is widely used to promote the business.

In all types of business, Twitter plays an important role in selling goods or services by building relationships with customers or subscribers, or by increasing communication.

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8 Tips You Need To Be A Successful Video Marketer

Whether it is Youtube earning or promoting your business; Video Marketing is vital in both the occasions. But while doing so, some intentional and unintentional mistakes may ruin your whole effort. But if we properly organize your plans then the end result will surely be successful.

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Fix to no image problem when sharing URL first time using Facebook Open Graph programmatically

Many of us may have faced this problem when sharing a news or article in Facebook. First time, when I share a news or an article on Facebook on my Facebook wall, only title and intro text appear for it, but, the image associate with news or article does not show up even the news or article has one or more images in it. On the second attempt of sharing it, the image appears and I share it on my wall. Why does the image does not show up?

As per guideline provided by Facebook on its article, Sharing Best Practices for Websites & Mobile Apps gives us some insight on the proper way to optimize your images you put in your news, articles, etc. for greater image previews.

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