2 easiest, quickest ways to disable Windows Defender on Windows 10 using GUI and PowerShell

If you have setup web server using Xampp, or, compressing large amount of files using WinRAR, may have noticed that disabling Windows Deference speeds up the web server's response time or reduces compressing time. I frequently need to disable Windows Deference temporarily in my PC powered by Windows 10 Professional. Among the ways I found from the Internet, I have written about two ways which are most easy and anyone can do it quickly. Windows Defender starts automatically with Windows, monitors my PC and provides real-time protection against malicious virus and malware.

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Useful keyboard shortcuts for Windows to boost your productivity

Starting a Windows software which is kept well under several layer of Start menus is a tiresome task. Let's say, Windows Explorer. Thank to Windows shortcuts. I can start it pressing the "Windows key" and hitting the "E" key from the keyboard. Does it not save time? Yes, it saves time and boosts our performance. The number of shortcuts Microsoft offers to Windows 10 users that memorizing all of them is a huge task, but, hey don't be panicked, 'cause you won't need all of them. Take a glance of them and decide which ones you need most and start using them. You will be amazed how useful they are.

For convenience, I have tried to group these shortcuts by their working nature.

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Hibernation is a feature of Microsoft Windows Operating System which was primarily designed for laptops. When a PC goes into hibernation it takes a snapshot of all your files and windows and saves that snapshot to your hard drive before shutting down. The next time you start your PC or laptop, your PC starts up faster, retrieves the snapshot from the disk and pops up before the monitor almost instantly where you left it.

There are several ways to enable or disable hibernation in Windows 10. These are discussed below.

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